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Waseem Khan

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  • Ms. Marvel and the Rise of the Muslim Superhero in America
    • TBH, I am not to familiar with Ms. Marvel, most of what I know of the character, are from some of her guest starring in X-men comics, so you are probably right.

    • Just a quick correction:

      "So what could be more natural than for Marvel Comics to reboot Captain Marvel, he of the Shazam!, as Ms. Marvel"

      The Captain Marvel you are referring to is owned by DC comics, there are actually 2 different Captain Marvels. The Shazam one is owned by DC comics, and the Marvel one (who was an alien who became a hero on Earth).

      The character of Ms. Marvel is a separate Marvel comics character, who was a white Woman, who has now taken up the mantle of Captain Marvel, leaving the Ms. Marvel identity available, and I am sure there are probably some copyright reasons for reusing the Ms. Marvel title as well.

  • Leonard Nimoy to Palestinians and Israelis: Live Long and Prosper in Two States
    • I agree with Mr. Nimoy, but if I was going to use a Star Trek story line as a comparison for the conflict, i think the Deep Space 9 story line about the occupation of Bajor by the Cardasians, is for more apt imho.

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