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Zhu Bajie

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  • It's not about Democracy: Top Ten Reasons Washington is Reluctant to cut off Egypt Aid
  • Mubarak on Trial but W. Is Not
    • The US has tortured and killed people unjustly all through the Cold War. No one important has ever been punished. I have no hope that Bush the Younger et al. will ever go on trial. No one went on trial for Vietnam, did they? Those who'd have to do it, fear going on trial themselves.

  • Congressional "Study" Attacking Climate Change Found to be Plagiarized, Error-Ridden
    • Don't assume that just because someone has a lot of money that they are smart! Lots of the super-rich inherit their money. Even the ones who don't, may be good at selling something, but given to wishful thinking about other issues. Most of the Deniers I've met have been a lot like the Creationists I've known, the Anti-Semites I've argued with, a lot like 9-11 Truthers or believers in Von Daeniken or Velikovsky. They want XYZ to be true because it would be so nice if it were true. They want ABC to be false because it would be too icky if it were true. Most of us Americans grow up singing "when you wish upon a star, you're dreams come true," and more than a few never stop thinking that way.

      Critical thinking is rare anywhere, and the USA is no exception.

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