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  1. I had very high hope and respect for the Egyptian people ,thinking they could become a model for the middleast, particularly after after they chose their leader by the power of election. However, they proved me wrong by the support they gave to the military coup, which means to me that Egyptians are not capable of managing their social affairs through legal means, but like to be ruled by the military gun.

  2. Trump’s daffiness is what makes him a spectacle. But we should not consider his monstrosity a great departure from our accustomed norm. This country will never, in all its future history, be able to adequately repent for its destruction of Iraq, which was a bipartisan monstrosity of epic proportions. On the Democratic side, let us remember, we have a candidate who, serving as Secretary of State, cackled loudly and made a rather psychotic joke when she heard that Qaddafi had been barbarically killed. She apparently thinks destabilizing Arab countries and handing them over to legions of extremists is a laugh! So let us not allow the spectacle to delude us into thinking we’ve somehow behaved in a civilized way up to this point. Trump is us.

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