Maps of the Middle East and the Muslim World

Maps of the Middle East and the Muslim World



ALGERIA &#124 Algeria &#124 Algeria * EGYPT &#124 Egypt &#124 Egypt: Regions * ERITREA * IRAN * ISRAEL &#124 Israel &#124 Israel in the Middle East * JORDAN &#124 Jordan &#124 Jordan with Provinces *LEBANON * LIBYA * MOROCCO * OMAN * PAKISTAN &#124 Pakistan &#124 Pakistan: The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) &#124 Pakistan: The North-West Frontier Province (Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa) and FATA &#124 * PALESTINE &#124 West Bank and Gaza &#124 West Bank Wall &#124 Jewish Settlements, West Bank * SOMALIA * SUDAN * SYRIA * TUNISIA &#124 Tunisia: Factories by Province * TURKEY * UNITED ARAB EMIRATES &#124 United Arab Emirates &#124 United Arab Emirates *


Levant (Eastern Mediterranean) * Middle East and North Africa


Iran: Safavids, 1501-1722 * Ottoman Empire, 1798-1923 * Turkey in 1920.

Ethnic Groups

Afghanistan: Ethnicities in Afghanistan * Ethnic Map of Armenia, Iran and Central Asia *Caucasus (by language) *Central Asia: Major Ethnic Groups * Druze * Iraq: Religions and Ethnicities *Lebanon: * Lebanon by Religious Sect * Lebanon by religious ethnicity * Pakistan Ethnic Groups * Yemen Ethnic Groups


Saudi Arabia: Annual Distributed Rainfall *Syria Land Use, 1979

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