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  1. Escher would be so thrilled to see this! thnxs. and agree with Javedanfar.

  2. This may already be clear to the readers, but the 3D printing of Escher drawings described here, does not make the Escher structures any more geometrically “real” or “possible.” This type of Escher drawings are usually referred to as “impossible” figures as the geometry they depict cannot be realized in (what we perceive as) our flat (Euclidean) 3D space, w/o some form of “twisting” or self-intersection of the figures. In other words, the Escher figures that Elber has printed can also be produced by traditional means as statues, figurines or carvings. Based on the above video, Elber’s contribution is in writing a computer algorithm that acts as an instruction set for a 3D printer to produce such a figure.

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