Defying US, Sweden to Recognize Palestine (First in Western Europe)

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The prime minister of the Kingdom of Sweden on Friday said that the country would recognize the State of Palestine, becoming the first major Western European state to do so.

Prime Minister Setfan Loefven said during his inaugural address that “the conflict between Israel and Palestine can only be solved with a two-state solution, negotiated in accordance with international law.”

“A two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to peaceful coexistence. Sweden will therefore recognize the state of Palestine,” he added.

Although more than 134 countries around the world currently recognize the State of Palestine, the majority of Western Europe and North American have refused to do so out of deference to Israel…

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  1. This is what the Palestinians need. Support from a nation that belongs to the EU. A bold move by Sweden, that sends a message to the rest of the world – that they are not intimidated by Israel or even the US. I sincerely hope this goes forward, and the the EU will allow Sweden to make it’s own choices. It could also encourage others who might be considering it.
    It will be interesting to know how many desperate calls, and arm twisting, are going on behind the scenes. Time the EU and the US acted as if they are not afraid of Israel’s wrath.
    Good job Sweden.

  2. About bloody time that a country recognized the Palestinian State. More interesting is the wording of the announcement by this Arab zine for its English speaking readers.

  3. It’s about damned well time!!! As a WWII veteran, I have historically backed the concept of “Israel”, but over time have increasingly questioned that choice..

    With the advent of Benjamin “Yahoo–yahoo”, I have become increasingly disgusted with Israel, and increasingly understanding of historic European “tepidness” toward him and his backers.

    Looking (mostly backward) at the course of Middle Eastern history, I find less and less logic at stealing Arab land and creating a brouhaha in the entire region. Particularly notable to me is the perfidy of Britain et al at the conclusion of WW!. After accepting Arab support (under the aegis of Lawrence of Arabia), the Allies spit in their faces by declaring a “Jewish Homeland” and ever since then it’s been “Katie bar the door”

    Perfidy, thy name is Balfour!!! (Now, say that in Arabic!).

    • In Arabic that’s, “Ya Khianah, ismuki Balfour!” Sorry, I don’t have an Arabic keyboard.

  4. #FreePalestine

    . .@Appalachia2 1st was Iceland in Nov 2011 by unanimity. Shows that decent countries in Europe are pro-Palestine when independent

  5. J B

    @bazkingkhan I always believed if there`s any democracy or social justice until recently at least,it`s in scandinavian countries.

  6. This is a statement of intent by a minority government. To become official it has to pass through parliament, and it’s not certain that will happen.

  7. The British Parliament will consider this month whether to recognize the Palestine as an independent state.

    • Well, not an “independent state” since, obviously, it is a state that is being held under a belligerent occupation i.e. the Palestinian leadership does not possess “authority” over its own territory.

      But certainly a “sovereign state”, since “sovereignty” does not (and can not) be seized by the occupier.

      Or, put another way: under international law “authority” is a different concept to “sovereignty”, and it is the former that determines if you are “independent”.

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