Garden Party, 1640: Iranian Lady entertains European Gentleman

Metropolitian Museum of Art | Isfahan Tile | – –

“At the center of this scene, a lady leans on a bolster pillow and languidly holds out a filled cup. Making somewhat immodest eye contact with the viewer, she displays burn marks, associated with mystics and lovers, on her lower arms. A male figure in European dress and hat, perhaps a merchant, kneels before her. The other figures offer refreshments and conversation.”

Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Garden Gathering”

Object Name: Tile panel

Date: 1640–50

Geography: Attributed to Iran, probably Isfahan

Medium: Stonepaste; painted and polychrome glazed (cuerda seca technique)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely this piece of Art
    I wonder why the Persians used Chinese like face in their drawings

  2. You have once again shown why you have one of the best sites on the web – not only the most thorough and informed (sorry) articles but info re art & poetry as well. thanks again for all you do!

  3. Those faces are from the Persian Empire which embraced Central Asia. They are not Iranian.
    The man is probably Russian.

  4. Injustice alway leads people into the hands of the extreme. Pity the US / UK axis decided that democracy wasn’t what Iran needed in the 1950’s, or that the House of Saud was the right choice to rule Saudi Arabia.

    What have we done to the world?

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