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ABJAD أبجد.
The name of an arithmetical arrangement of the alphabet, the letters of which have different powers from one to one thousand. It is in the order of the alphabet as used by the Jews as far as 400, the six remaining letters being added by the Arabians. The letters spell the words-
abjad hawwaz hutti kalaman
sa’fas qarashut sakhaz zazigh
The author of the Arabic Lexicon, al-Qamus, says that the first six words are the names of celebrated kings of Madyan (Midian), and that the last two words were added by the Arabians. Some say they are the names of the eight sons of the inventor of the Arabic character, Muramir ibn Murra.
The following is a list of the letters with their English equivalents, and the power of each in numbers:-


Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam