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ABORTION. Arabic Isqat إسقاط
The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. There is no mention of abortion in the Qur’an, but in Surah 23, Verses 12 through 14, it describes the beginning of human life as: “We created man from an extraction of clay, then we set him as a drop (nuṭfa) [of sperm] in a safe lodging. Then we created from the drop a clot of blood  then we created from the clot a small piece of tissue, subsequently creating from the tissue bones and covering the bones in flesh; and then we produced it as another creature”According to some Islamic scholars, the indication of “another creature” being produced could indicate the infant was given a soul at that time. Many Muslims thus are against the idea of abortion.

According to the Fatawi ‘Alamgiri, (vol. iv. P. 238), it is forbidden after the child is formed in the womb. Muhammad is related to have ordered prayers to be said over an abortion, when supplication should be made for the father and mother, for forgiveness and mercy (Mishkat, v. c. 2.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam, Encyclopaedia of the Quran

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