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‘ADL أدل
Justice. Appointing what is just; equalising; making of the same weight. Ransom. The word occurs twelve times in the Qur’an, e.g., Surah iv. 128. “Ye are not able, it may be, to act equitably to your wives, even though ye covet it.” Surah ii. 44, “Fear the day wherein no soul shall pay any ransom for another soul.” Surah ii. 123, ” And fear the day when no soul shall pay any ransom for a soul, nor shall an equivalent be received there from, nor any intercession avail; and they shall not be helped.” Surah ii. 282. “Write it down faithfully then let his agent dictate faithfully.” Surah v. 105, “Let there be a testimony between you when any one of you is at the point of death- at the time he makes his will – two equitable persons from amongst you.” Surah vi. 69, “And though it (soul) compensate with the fullest compensation it would not be accepted.” Surah v.115, “The words of thy Lord are fulfilled in truth and justice.” Surah xvi., 78, “Is he to be hold equal with him who bids what is just, and who is on the right way?” Surah xvi. 92, “Verily God bids you do justice.” Surah xlix. 8, “Make peace with them with equity and be just.” Surah lxxxii. 8, ” Thy generous Lord, who created thee and moulded thee and disposed thee aright.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam