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Al-BUKHARI البخاري
A short title given to the well known collection of Sunni traditions by Abu ‘Abdn ‘llah Muhammad ibn Isma’il Ibn Ibrihim ibn al-Mughirah al-Ju’fi al-Bukhari, who was born at Bukhara A.H. 194 (A.D. 810), and died at the village of Kartang near Samarqand, A.H. 256 (A.D. 870). His compilation comprises upwards of 7,000 traditions of of the acts and sayings of the Prophet, selected from a mass of 600,000. His book is called the Sahih of al-Bukhari, and is said to have been the result of sixteen years labour. It is said that he was so anxious to record only trustworthy traditions that he performed a prostration in worship before the Almighty before he recorded each tradition.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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