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AL-HAZARATU ‘L-KHAMS . According to the kitabu ‘t-Ta’rifat, al-hazaratu ‘l-Khamsu ‘l-Ilahiyah, or “the five divine existence,” is a term used by the following:-
1. Hazratu ‘l-ghaibi ‘l-mutlaq, That existence which is absolutely unknown i.e. God.
2. Hazratu ‘sh-shakadati ‘l-mutlaqah, Those celestial (ajram) and terrestrial (ajsam) existences which are evident to the senses.
3. Hazratu ‘alami ‘l-arwah, That existence which consists of the spiritual world of angels and spirits.
4. Hazratu ‘alami ‘l-misal, That existence, which is the unseen world, where there is the true likeness of everything which exists on the earth.
5. Hazratu ‘l-jami’ah, The collective existence of the four already mentioned.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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