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AL-KAUSAR الكوثر
Lit. “Abudance.” A pond in Muhammad’s paradise known as the Hanzu ‘l-Kausar, or “The Pond of Abudance.”
The word occurs once in the Qur’an, Surah cviii. 1-3:-
Truly we have given thee an abundance (i.e. al-Kausar);
Pray therefore to the Lord, and slay the victims.
“Verily whoso hateth thee shall be childless.”
But it is not clear whether the pond is intended in this verse. Al-Baizawi thinks it refers to abundance of blessing and not to the pond.
Anas relates that the Prophet said the prophet saw the pond al-Kausar in the night of his Mi’raj or heavenly journey [MI’RAJ] and that it “was a river of water on each side of which there were domes, each formed by a hollow pearl.”
Abdu ‘llah ibn ‘Amr relates that the Prophet said “the circumference of al-Kausar is a month’s journey, and it is a square, its water whiter than milk, its smell sweeter than musk, and its cups for drinking sparkle like the stars of heaven. He who drinks of its waters shall never thirst.” (Mishkat, book xxiii. ch. xii.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam