Burying Ground

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BURYING-GROUND. Arabic مقبرة
maqbarat or maqbarah “The place of graves”. Persian Qabristan. They are sometimes spoken of by religious Muslims as Marqad, a “cemetery” or “sleeping-place”, but the name has not obtained a general application to burial-grounds in the East as it has in the West. They are generally situated outside the city, the graves being covered with pebbles, and distinguished by headstones, those on the graves of men being with a turban-like head. The graves are dug from north to south. The grave yards are usually much neglected. The Wahhabis hold it to be a meritorious act in accordance with the injunctions of the Prophet to neglect the graves of the dead, the erection of brick tombs being forbidden. (Hidayah Arabic ed., vol. i p. 90) A grave-yard does not become public property until the proprietor formally makes a gift or bequest of it (Hidayah, vol ii., p 357.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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