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FIQH فقه
The dogmatic theology of the Muslims. Works on Muslim law, whether civil or religious. The books most read by the Sunnis are the Hidayah, written by a learned man named ‘Ali ibn Abi Bakr, A.H. 593, part of which has been translated by the late Colonel, Charles Hamilton; the Darru ‘l-Mukhtar, by ‘Ala’o ‘d-din, A.H. 1088; the Sharhu ‘l-Wiqayah, by Ubaidu ‘llah ibn Masud, A.H. 745; the Raddu ‘l Muhtat by Saiyid Muhammad Amin ibn Abidi ‘d-din, and the Fatawa ‘Alamgiri. Amongst the Imamiyah School, or Shi’ahs, the principal works are Kitabu ‘sh-Sharai’, by Abu ‘l-Hasan ‘Ali (A.H. 326); the Muqni’ f i’i Fiqh by Abu Ja’far (A.H. 360); the Shara i’u ‘l-Islam, by Shaikh Najmu d-din (A.H. 679); and the Jami’u ‘l-Abbasi, by Baha’u d-din (A.H. 1031).

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam