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GIANT There is but one allusion to giants in the Qur’an, namely to the tribe ‘Ad who are spoken of as men “with fifty statures” (Surah lxxxix 6), and the commentator Shah ‘Abdu ‘l-Aziz of Delhi, says they were men of not less the twelve yards in stature. According to a tradition in the Kitabu ‘sh-Shafah by the Qazi ‘Ayaz(p 65), Adam was sixty yards in height. In the Ghiyasu ‘l-Lughah, a giant named Uj is mentioned who was born in the days of Adam and lived until the time of Moses, a period of 3500 years, and that he was so high, that the flood in the days of Noah only reached to his waist. There are traditions and stories of giants whose graves exist unto the present day, throughout the whole of Persia. Opposite the Church Mission House at Peshawur is a grave nine yards long, which is held in great reverence by both Muslims and Hindus. De le Belle, in his Travels in Persia, vol ii p 89, mentions several which exist in Persia. Giant graves in Hindustan are numerous.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam