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HAGAR Arabic Hajar هاجر
The slave wife of Abraham and the mother of Ishmael. Al-Baizawi says that Hajar was the slave girl of Sarah, the wife of Abraham, and she admitted her to Abraham, and from her was born Ishmael. Sarah became jealous of Hajar (because she had a son), and she demanded of Abraham that he should put both the mother and child away, and he sent them away in the direction of Makkah, and at Makkah God produced for them the spring Zamzam [ZAMZAM]. When the tribe of Jurhum saw that there was water in that place, they said to Hajar, “If you will share with us the water of the spring, we will share with you the milk of our herds,” and from that time Makkah became a place of importance. (Tafsiry ‘l-Baizawi, p. 424.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam