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HUDS هود
A prophet said to have been sent to the tribe of ‘Ad. Al- Baizawi says he was, according to some, the son of ‘Abdu ‘llah, the son of Rabah, the son of Khalid, the son of ‘Ad, the son of ‘Aus, the son of Iram, the son of Sam, son of Noah, or, according to others, Hud was the son of Shalah, son of Arfakhshad, son of Sam, son of Noah. D’Herbelot thinks he must be the Heber of the Bible (Judges iv. 1.)
The following are accounts given of him in the Qur’an, Surah vii 63-70:-
“And to the ‘Ad we sent their brother Hud. ‘O my people, said he, worship God; ye have no other god than Him; will ye not then fear Him? Said the unbelieving chiefs among his people, ‘We certainly perceive that thou art unsound of mind, and verily we deem thee an imposter.’ He replied, ‘O my people! There is no unsoundness of mind in me, but I am an apostle from the Lord of the worlds. The messages of my Lord do I announce to you, and I am your faithful counselor. Marvel ye that a warning hath come to you from your Lord through one of yourselves that He may warn you? But remember when He made you, the successors of the people of Noah, and increase you in tallness of stature. Remember then the favors of God; happily it shall be well with you.’ They said, ‘Art thou come to us in order that we may worship one God only, and desert what our fathers worshiped? Then bring that upon us with which thou threatenest us, if thou be a man of truth.’ He replied, ‘Vengeance and wrath shall suddenly light on you from your Lord. Do ye dispute with me about names that you and your fathers have given those idols, and for which God hath sent you down no warranty? Wait ye then, and I too will wait with you.’ And We delivered him and those who were on his side by our mercy, and we cut off to the last man those who had treated our signs as lies and who were not believers.”
Surah xi. 52-68:-
“And unto ‘Ad We sent their brother Hud. He said, ‘O my people, worship God. Ye have no God beside Him. Lo, ye are only devisers of a lie, O my people! I ask of you no recompense for this; verily my recompense is with Him only who hath made me. Will ye not then understand? And O my people! Ask pardon of your Lord; then turn unto Him with penitence! He will send down the heavens upon you with copious rains. And with strength in addition to your strength will He increase you; but turn not back with deeds of evil.’ They replied, ‘O Hud, thou hast not brought us proofs of thy mission, and we are not the persons to abandon our gods at thy word, and we believe thee not. We can only say that some of our gods have smitten thee with evil.’ He said, ‘Now I take God to witness, and do ye also witness, that I am innocent of that which ye associate (in worship with God) beside himself. Conspire then against me altogether and delay me not; Lo, I trust in God, my Lord and yours. No moving creature is there which He holdeth not by its forelock. Right, truly, is the way in which my Lord goeth. So if ye turn back, then I have already declared to you that wherewith I was sent to you, and my Lord will put another people in your place, nor shall ye at all injure Him; verily, my Lord keepeth watch over all things. And when our doom came to be inflicted, We rescued Hud and those who had like faith with him, by our special mercy; and We rescued them from the rigorous chastisement. And those men of ‘Ad gainsaid the signs of their Lord, and rebelled against His messengers and followed the bidding of every proud contumacious person; followed therefore were they in this world by a curse; and in the day of the Resurrection it shall be said to them, ‘Did not, verily, the people of ‘Ad disbelieve their Lord?’ Was it not said, ‘Away with ‘Ad, the people of Hud?'”
Surah xxci. 134-139:-
“The people of ‘Ad treated the Sent Ones as liars. When their brother Hud said to them, ‘ Will ye not fear God? I truly am your apostle worthy of all credit; fear God then and obey me. I ask of you no reward for this, for my reward is of the Lord of the worlds alone. Build ye a landmark on every height, in pastime? And raise ye structures to be your lasting abodes? And when you put forth your power, do ye put it forth with harshness? Fear ye God, then and obey me; and fear ye Him who hath plenteously bestowed on you, ye well know what? Plenteously bestowed on you flocks and children, and gardens and fountains. Indeed, I fear for you the punishment of a great day.’ They said, ‘It is the same to us whether thou warn or warn us not; verily this is but a creation [tale] of the ancients, and we are not they who shall be punished.’ So they charged him with imposture and We destroyed them. Verily in this was a sign: yet most of them believed it not.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam