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HUKM حكم
pl. ahkiam. “Order; command; rule; sentence; judgement, of God, or of his prophets, or of a ruler or judge.” It occurs in different senses in the Qur’an, e.g. : –
Surah iii. 73: “It beseemeth not a man, that God should give him the Scriptures and the Judgement and the Prophecy, and that then he should say to his followers ‘Be ye worshippers of me, as well as of, as well as of God’; but rather, ‘Be ye perfect in things pertaining to God, since ye know the Scriptures and have studied deep.'”
(Both Sale and Rodwell translate the word al-hukn, “the wisdom”, but Palmer renders it more correctly, “the judgement.”)
Surah xii. 40: “To each (David and Solomon) we gave judgement and knowledge.”
Al-hukmu ‘sh-Shari, the injunction of the law,” is a term used for a command of God, which relates to the life and conduct of an adult Muslim. (Kitabu ‘t-Ta’rifat, in loco.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam