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IQAMAH اقامة
Lit. “Causing to stand.” A recitation at the commencement of the stated prayers when said in a congregation, after the worshipers have taken up their position. It is the same as the I’zan, with the addition of the sentence. “Verily prayers are now ready” (Qad qamati ‘s-salat). The sentences are, however, recited singly by all the sects except the Hanafis who give it exactly as the I’zan. It is not recited by the Imam, but by the person who stands behind him, who is called the Muqtadi, or “follower.” In large mosques it is usual for the Mu’azzin, or caller to prayer, to take this office. But in his absence the person who happens to be behind the Imam recites the Iqamah. {IMAM.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam