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JEWELS. Arabic Jauhar جيهر
pl. Jawahir. According to the Hidayah a thief is liable to suffer amputation of the hand for stealing jewels, such as a ring set with emerald, ruby, or chrysolite, as such are rare articles, and are not held to be of an indifferent nature, neither are the undesirable. (Vol. ii. p. 93.)
A sillim sale [SILLIM], or a sale in trust, of jewels and marine shells, is not lawful, because the unities of these vary in their value. (Vol. ii. p. 539.) In the partition of property, jewels must not be divided by the Qazi, but by mutual arrangement in the family, because of the great difference in the actual value of the jewels. (Vol. iv. 13.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam
JIBRA’IL جبراىيل The angel Gabriel. [GABRIEL.]