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Son of al-Walid. The famous Muslim general. He fought against Muhammad at Uhud and defeated the Muslim army. The Prophet married Maimunah, who was an aunt to Khalid, a lady fifty-one years of age, and soon afterwards, Khalid himself embraced Islam and became one of its most powerful champions. He led the Bedouin converts in the advance on Makkah, and was present as one of the chief leaders of the Muslim army at the battle of Hunain, and subsequent expeditions. In the reign of Abu Bakr, he murdered Malik Ibn Nuwairah, an eminent Arab chief, and married his widow. The murder greatly displeased the Khalifah Abu Bake, and he would have ordered Khalid to be put to death, but ‘Umar interceded for him. He afterwards took the lead in various expeditions. He invaded al-‘Iraq and Syria, took Bustrah, defeated the Christians at Yarmuk, and subdued the country as far as the Euphrates. After the taking of Damascus, he was recalled by ‘Umar, and sent to Hims and Ba’labakk.. He died at Hims A.H. 18, A.D. 639.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam