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A Shi’ah sect founded by Mir Sharif, who in the reign of Akbar held a military appointment in Bengal. He was a disciple of Mahmud of Busakwan, the founder of the Nuqtawiyah sect. Mabmud lived in the reign of Timur, and professed to ho al-Mahdi. He also called himself the Shakhs-i-Wahid — the Individual one. He used to quote the verse, ‘It may be that thy Lord will raise thee up to a glorious (mahmud) station” (Surah xvii. 81). From this he argued that the body of man had been advancing in purity since the creation, and that on its reaching to a certain degree, one Mahmud (glorious) would arise, and that then the dispensation of Muhammad would come to an end. He claimed to be the Mahmud, He also taught the doctrine of transmigration, and that the beginning of everything was the earth atom (nuqtah). it is on this account that they are called in Persian the Nuqtawiyah sect. They are also known by the names Mahmudiyab and Wahidiyah. Shah ‘Abbas, King of Persia, expelled them from his dominion., but Akbar received the fugitives kindly, and promoted some amongst thorn to high offices of State,

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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