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MISHKATTU ‘L-MASABIH مشكوة المصابيح.
A well-known book of Sunni tradition, much used by Sunni Muslims in India, and frequently quoted in the present work. It was originally compiled by the Imam Husain al-Baghawi, the celebrated commentator, who died A.H. 510 or 516, and called the Masabihu ‘s-unnah, or the Lamps of the Traditions.” in the year 737, Shaikh Waliyu ‘d din revised the work of al-Baghawi, adding an additional chapter to each section, and called the Mishkatu ‘l-Masabih, or the “Niche for lamps.” In the time of the Emperor Akbar’, Shaikh ‘Abdu ‘l-Haqq translated the work into Persian, and added a commentary. (See Kashfu ‘Zunun, in loco.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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