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Arabic al-‘Ahdu ‘l-Jadid العهد الجديد. There is no evidence in the Qur’an, or in the Traditions, that Muhammad had ever seen, or was acquainted with, the New Testament. The Christian scriptures are spoken of in the Qur’an as the Injil , “which was given to Jesus’ by which Muslims understand a complete book, somewhat similar to the Qur’an. See Shurah lvii. 27: “We caused our Apostles to follow in their footsteps (i.e. of Noah and Abraham;) and We caused Jesus the son of .Mary to follow them, and We gave him the Injil, and We put into the hearts of those who followed him kindness and compassion; but as to the monastic life, they invented it themselves.” The only New Testament characters mentioned by name in the Qur’an are Jesus, Mary, Zacharias, John, and Gabriel, and there is no directly reference to the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, nor to the miracles or parables of Jesus. This is all the more remarkable, because the Old Testament history and its leading characters, are frequently mentioned in the Qur’an. [INJIL. CHRISTIANITY.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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