Posted on 06/29/2012 by __socrates

The periods of six months and of two years are fixed as the shortest and longest periods of pregnancy, and, consequently any child born within those periods is assumed to be the child of the woman’s husband, even though she be either a widow or divorced. This strange ruling of Muslim law is founded on a declaration of ‘Ayishah, who is related to have said, “The child does not remain in the womb of the mother beyond two years.”
The Imam ash-Shafi’i. has said the longest period of pregnancy extends to four years (Hamilton’s Hiddyah, vol. i. p. 383.)
If a person acknowledge the parentage of a child who is able to give an account of himself, and the ages of the parties are such as to admit of the one being the child of the other, and the parentage of the child be not well known to any persons and the child himself verify the statement, the parentage is established. (Ibid., vol. iii, p. 169.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam