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PLUNDER. Arabic ghanimah غنمة, fay’ فيء
If the Imam, or leader of the Muslim army, conquer a country by force of arms, he is at liberty to leave the land in possession of the original proprietors, provided they pay tribute, or he may divide it amongst the Muslims; but with regard to movable property, it is unlawful for him to leave it in possession of the infidels, but he must bring it away with the army and divide it amongst the soldiers. Four-fifths of the spoils belong to the troops the remaining one-fifth must be divided into three equal portions for the relief of orphans, the feeding of the poor, and the entertainment of travellers. Captives form part of the plunder. All cattle and baggage which cannot be carried away upon a retreat, must destroyed. (Hidayah, vol. ii. P. 159; Mishkat xvii. ch. viii. pt. 1.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam