Seven Salams

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SEVEN SALAMS Seven verses of the Qur’an in which the word salam سلام, “peace,” occurs:—
Surah xxxvi. 58: “Peace shall be the word spoken unto the righteous by a merciful God.”
Surah xxxvii. 77: “Peace be on Noah: and on all creatures.”
Surah xxxvii. 109; “Peace be on Abraham.”
Surah xxxvii 120: “Peace be on Moses and Aaron.”
Surah xxxvii. 130: “Peace be on Elias.”
Surah xxxvii. 181: “Peace be on His apostles.”
Surah xxxvii. 5: “It is peace until the breaking of the morn.”
These verses are recited by the religious Muslim during, sickness, or in seasons of danger or distress. In some parts of Islam it is customary to write these seven verses of the Qur’an on paper and then to wash off the ink and drink it as a charm against evil.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam