Posted on 07/22/2012 by __socrates

From Sifat, “attributes.” A school of thought rather than a sect of Islam, although it is given by Mr. Sale as one of the Muslim sects. The orthodox Sunni claims to be a or Attributist (as opposed to the Mu’tazilahs, who reject the idea of God’s attributes being eternal), and maintains that the attributes of God are eternally inherent in His essence without separation or change; every attribute being conjoined with Him as life, with knowledge, or knowledge with power. With regard to the verses of the Qur’an which are held to be Mutashabih, and assign some resemblance between God and His creatures, the Sifatiyahs say the expressions “hands,” “face,” “sitting,” &c., must simply he accepted as they stand, without any attempt at explanation. [MU’TAZILAH, WAHHABI.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam