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SINGING. Arabic ghana غنة
Among Muslim theologians, singing is generally held to be unlawful, and the objection is founded on a tradition recorded by Jabir, who relates that Muhammad said, “Singing and hearing songs causeth hypocrisy to grow in the heart, even as rain causeth the corn to grow in the field.” (Mishkat, book xxii. cli. ix. pt. 3.)
Shaikh ‘Abdu ‘Haqq, in his commentary, remarking on this tradition, says, it is not a tradition of any authority, and adds, “The traditionists all agree that there is no Hadis of any authority forbidding the practice of singing ” (vol. iv. p. 63.)
The Sufis, who engage in the service of song as an act of worship, say Muhammad only forbade songs of an objectionable character. Still most divines of reputation regard the practice with disfavour.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam