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  • Today's Top 7 Myths about Daesh/ ISIL
    • Daesh springs from Wahabism which is an 18th century movement in response to the conditions of the time. It is "modern" and as such---ISIS/Daesh is "modern". Wahabism is not classical Islam---it is what one would call "Purist"---these types of "radical reformists" movements began in response to colonialism and other such conditions of modernity.
      It would be better to call ISIS/Daesh a "Takfiri" rather an "Islamic" ideology because this would serve to de-legitimize its claim. (Takfirism-declaring others apostate---a tactic used by Daesh to kill Muslims)

  • Tunisian Muslim Leader Warns of Dangers of Violent Fundamentalism
    • while condemning the violence of radical salafi, they might also want to demand that the west and the petro-monarchies stop supporting these radical salafis.......

  • Fury Unbound: the Muslim Dilemma (Majid)
    • "I am by now almost exhausted trying to explain to anyone willing to listen that in free societies everyone is lampooned—no exceptions—but I keep getting the same quizzical looks"
      That is because much of the rest of the world (including other democracies) do not live in the type of "free-society" envisioned here. Most countries have objects/symbols/persons that are sacred and therefore off-limits to ridicule---such as monarchs in Thailand, Japan and elsewhere, or other types of religious/national symbols/objects.
      Even in the U.S. speech/ideas disliked by the government/military are not tolerated under the guise of patriotism or national security...In Europe, Jewish symbols and sensitivities are protected under law.....Therefore the idea that unfettered "free-speech" is actually practiced anywhere on this planet is a myth...
      Rather than concentrating on the mythical concept of "free-speech"---it would have been of more benefit to both the West and East if the conversation had turned to the value/ideal of tolerance and respect---this is both a Western value (both secular and Christian) as well as an Islamic/Quranic value. (particularly since there is intolerance and disrespect(=oppression or persecution of others) in both the West and the East)

      "Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one's own beliefs, rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others" John F Kennedy

  • Calm Muslim Berates Violent Muslims for Defaming Islam and being Suckers
    • It is a consistent mistake of the "West"/U.S. to equate (muslim)violence with religion rather than politics---whether it is suicide bombers, terrorists or violent protests---the refrain is always that "its about religion"---well it isn't. Research shows that it is political ends that contribute to violence---but talking about that makes the "West" uncomfortable because it is the cause. The U.S. encourages and arms the radicals---then when they get out of hand---they shove the "problem" onto Muslims to clean up!!!

  • Top Ten Likely Consequences of Muslim anti-US Embassy Riots
    • The beneficiary of the anti-American sentiments will be China---U.S. businessmen may go home---but Chinese ones will reap the benefits.
      As Tariq Ramadan points out in his comments on this issue---the BRICS nations are out there looking for opportunities. Basically---U.S. Islamophobia industry is detrimental to U.S. geo-strategic interests.....(60% of the 1.5 billion Muslims are in Asia---and China and India are the "big guys" in this neighborhood)

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