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  • Will God have a say in Super Bowl outcome?
    • The story in The Times of Israel is nice: A season ticket holder winning the "sell your tickets raffle/lottery" sells and gives the profit to a promising charity. Most people aren't such mensches and it's good to hear.

      48% seems high. Let's not lose sight that it means 52% think God isn't involved in The Superbowl.

      Anyway, I wouldn't knock anyone trying to pick up good vibes for victory and glory, even if I find it questionable. What about some players' 6th concussion? Brain damage is a curse and the way the game is played these days maybe those involved need prayer since presently better safety or rules aren't in play.

  • Top Ten Ways GOP could avoid "War on Women" Label
    • Issues on the list are mentioned which, at first glance, one wouldn't associate with women's rights. A big sign we are all in this together! And number 8, weakening church and state? Key. That one's the hurricane eye, if abortion rights become more and more limited or dissapear completly.

      If you've ever tried talking with a pro life adherent, you know it's pointless. Collectively, it's a perfect poltical bandwagon, a rhetorical speaker's power trip, with which they can tag on all manner of regressive stances.

      Presently, you can get Plan B, the morning after pill, without perscription, with ID, being 17, at Walgreens. At least now. Will the GOP stop it, being a scientific issue to do with human bodies and sex? Exactly why is the Plan B not being advertised online and on TV?

  • About that Country you Destroyed: A Letter to George W. Bush
    • Assistant Cripple 01/08/2014 at 10:03 pm

      David, you say Democrat/Republican are just two sides of the same [dirty] coin and in lots of way I agree. Except, Republicans are more apt to halt stem cell research or slash library funding and, in this example, destroy massive world regions in wars. Not a gung ho politics fan by any means, I agree, most of it stinks. But studies have shown if most everyone voted in the USA, the election results would most likely be democratic everytime. As in not Bush. Could my highbrow know-it-all left leaning friends and my apolitical left leaning friends convince themselves to vote next time?

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