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  • American Jews Divided on Syria Strike, Many Oppose AIPAC
    • For the record, as an American Jew AIPAC NEVER speaks for me - it speaks for Zionists and an American Jew is not the same as a Zionist - in addition, as an American Jew - I am an AMERICAN, then a Jew - that is what America is about - freedom of faith - and as an American I see NO NO NO purpose in this proposed folly in Syria and IMO as always when USA and Middle East are in the same sentence this is about OIL and money

  • The Coming Israeli-Russian War?
  • Top Ten Myths about Israeli Attack on Gaza
    • I am deeply troubled by the hate speech from both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly from my friends and family. Palestinians are not "god-less killers." Israelis are not trigger-happy sadists.
      Both are human. Both are being killed in far greater numbers than is acceptable.
      Pray for peace and understanding, not revenge in the name of justice.

  • Pakistani Military between Rock and Hard Place
    • How ridiculous to assert that simply the presence in the area of US trainers is the equivalent of being aware of Pakistani intelligence etc - if they are operating in a limited function as "trainer" - they may have had NO reasonable expectation that they should have known about the details of the compound. - TO assert that even in passing is below your usual level of quality that i read your blog for

Showing comments 4 - 1