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Caise Diab

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  • Recognizing Israel as a Jewish State is like saying the US is a White State
    • You can argue Jewish desire for a homeland and British imperial decrees all you want. The fact is that the Palestinians owned 93% of the land and were 85% of the population before Jewish settlers expelled them in 1948. The zionists stole the Palestinians' land and are now trying to make them recognize that.

      Furthermore, it is an outright falsehood when you say that "the Arabs have long professed their desire to remove the Jews from the region. Until the 20th century, Jews found refuge from persecution in Arab lands and reached high positions in Muslim governments. It was only when predominantly European Jews took Palestine that Arab hostility toward Jews developed. That is totally logical, as no one wants their country and livelihood taken from them.

      If your theory of Arab hostility toward Jews were correct, we Arabs of Chicago would be murdering Jews wholesale in the streets. Last I checked, there haven't been any Arab murders of Jews in Chicago or anywhere in the USA. Though there have been radical zionist assassination of Arab civic leaders in places like California and New York.

    • Why deflect criticism of Israel onto "Islamic States"? This is a discussion of ethnic supremacism in state identity. And I don't see even the Muslim majority states with the worst human rights records (Egypt, Saudi Arabia) expelling minorities on the basis of race or religion, i.e., being non-Arab or non-Muslim. Quit apologizing for Jewish Chauvinism.

    • Rudolph, recognizing Israel as a state with a Jewish majority presumes that it will remain so. That is, once the Palestinians achieve demographic parity with Jews, then Israel is justified in sterilizing or expelling them to maintain a Jewish majority.

  • Almost Human: How Robots, Race and Neoliberalism killed Detroit and what it Means for You
    • Juan, there is a deep parallel with the collapse of livelihood in the USA and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. You have two states that are deep in debt due to wars. Through laws that allow the rich to gobble up public resources--in Detroit, public utilities, in Palestine and Egypt the land--the poor get disenfranchised. Eventually you have settlers gobbling the land (gated communities/settlers) and a mass of poverty with no public services. US schools and infrastructure are going the way of Arab dictatorships like Jordan and Egypt.

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