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  • Egypt: Canal Provinces Defy Morsi, Weakening his Authority
    • Aboul Futuh refused to join the NSF because it lacks any representation on the street and is made of people which only shares the goal of bringing the MB down while disagreeing on everything else. Abdoul Futuh accepted the invitation by Mursi btw. I agree with you that Mursi did not win by that much. But against whom???. Shafiq. Not Sabahi. Shafiq has much more representation than the three stooges Sabahi, Baradai( who holds the cambodian citizenship b.t.w) and Musa combined. And who said that the NSF represent the revolutionaries. The 6 April movement said already that the the NSF does not represent them. I can guarantee you that Sabahi will loose the next election big time. The majority of egyptians refuse to burn the country down. But then again. What is winning the majority good for if the minority has the right to bring the country to a standstill. What was Obamas reaction to the occupy protesters again?.

    • Who is the opposition???

      In the last parliamentary election, MB got 48%, Al Nour got 24%, Al Wafd got 17%, these three NSF crooks got only 10%. Please use your sense to call them opposition. Then, who is the opposition. If Morsi makes all three ministers, they will be happy. Pls pls please show my comments if you truly give importance to Egypt over your personal interest.

  • New Fundamentalist Constitution Approved, Heralds turn to Egyptian Theocracy
    • "The language of the new constitution, which is crafted to as to allow prosecution of individuals for actions that are immoral under Islamic canon law but not necessarily illegal under civil law (i.e. consensual sex among single adults) contains the most severe dangers to Egyptian tourism, one of the country’s few sources of wealth. The country’s tourism industry is clearly terrified of this constitution and its implications for the sector"

      Are these laws applied to foreigners too? I don`t think that this is true?. If this is the case then egypt can forget the Tourism Industry.

  • Egyptian Left/Liberals Confront Pres. Morsi with Rallies, Demos in 8 Provinces
  • Drone, Sanctions affecting Medicine, Intensify US-Iran Tensions
    • Cyros the great

      Stop using the Palestinians as stapes holder for persian dominance. OK. You don`t give a damn about arabs. Just look how the shia Ahwaz Arabs are treated in Iran.

    • And Iran was very happy with the sanctions too. You know.

  • US must Pressure Bahrain on Human Rights (Strindberg)
    • Yes. US must pressure Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. And Russia must pressure Iran and Syria. But there is no Voice in Russia like Yours Mr. Cole. If somebody speaks up like Journalist Anna Politkowskaja than she will not only end up in Prison for charges of sympathy with "Terrorists". She will be just murdered in Cold Blood. No free "Bradley Manning" Demonstrations for her. Tell someone from RT to make a Documentation about her.

  • Top Ten Republican Myths about Obama and Iran
    • How about russian War on Chechnya for example. What happened to the Tartars in Russia. I doubt you ever heard from them. Muabrak was a Puppet of the US right?. What about the russian Puppets like Karimov of Uzbekistan or the Puppets of all the other nearby countries. All dictators, corrupt and brutal. But somehow the left never talks about russian puppets.

    • Spiral007, should the Assads and Iran not let the Syrians decide their own fate?

      "Our intervention has only made life worse for the Lebanese". The american Intervention in Iraq and in Afghanistan benefited Iran and Hezbollah greatly.

      "one could accuse Israeli occupation of the west bank and Golan height (not to mention illegal blockade of Gaza) being a very toxic presence in the neighborhood, Israel just happens to be our toxic presence."

      Stop using the Palestinians for your regional Power-games.

      From Hezbollah Fanboy As`sad Abu Khalil`s Angry Arab Blog on Monday, August 29, 2011:

      "I so deeply and strongly disagree with this statement in Hasan Nasrallah's speech from last Friday: "As for the establishment of a Palestinian state on the territories of 1967, it is a Palestinian affair that is decided by the Palestinian people." Oh, no. It is our business and we shall oppose any mini-entity on 22% of Palestine."

      This was before the Arab Spring occurred.

  • Top Ten Likely Consequences of Muslim anti-US Embassy Riots
    • You mean Barbarity like killing an innocent muslim pregnant egyptian woman in a german court with 22 stabs with a knife from the islamophobe defendant while the police shooting not the attacker but the husband that tried to help his wife?

      something like that?

  • Romney Jumps the Shark: Libya, Egypt and the Butterfly Effect
    • Please take in to consideration that "muslims" or Arabs. Unlike Hindus are not only humiliated and mocked in movies but actually killed and starved by hundreds of thousands in Palestine, Iraq, Kashmir and so on.

      Iraq 1976 :link to
      Iraq 2012: link to

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