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  • The Nunes Memo, Spirit Cooking and Pizzagate
  • Translating Trump's inaugural Speech from the original German
  • Welcome to Psychopathocracy
    • Actually the article makes an impressive case against Trump and not against those enumerated by you. Also, who , exactly, are the " the sane candidates are weeded out by the system long before the candidates get to the final stages of a presidential campaign." ?

  • Circus of Liars: How Trump & GOP are Twisted into Pretzels over Putin Hack
    • Baloney. Traitor Trump , liar and thief in chief and his henchmen colluded with Russia on this matter. Carter Page, Paul Mannafort, and Mike Flynn visited Russia. Carter Page met with top Russian officials on his visit. The nomination of Tellerson for S of S further demonstrates Traitor Trump's love affair with Putin. Why didn't Trump release his tax returns so that we could see how much money he invested in Russia and the loans that have been made to him. This is not a new story. This has been going on during the entire election cycle.

  • H. Clinton and Ed Snowden: Some Animals are more Equal than others
    • @rbtl BTW "The best Republicans could do was turn up three emails out of tens of thousands where certain paragraphs within the body may have been marked "C," for “classified,” “confidential,” although they technically should have had a header denoting them as classified. Comey concluded Clinton may not have even known they were classified because they were improperly marked.

      "I think it’s possible, possible that she didn’t understand what a C meant when she saw it in the body of an email like that," Comey said. "I don’t think our investigation established she was particularly sophisticated with respect to classified information and the levels."

      On the other hand, Comey thoroughly debunked Donald Trump's talking point that Gen. David Patraeus got charged for doing "far less" than Clinton.

    • @rbtl

      then why have a classification system? BTW Ever heard of up classification? They change the classification of docs all the time. Yeah, you should know if its classified--rubbish.

    • Politifact:

      Clinton said, "I never received nor sent any material that was marked classified."

      Clinton has made this claim over and over again. An independent FBI investigation has found that to be inaccurate.

      It’s important to remember that only "a very small number" of her emails, two, were marked classified when they were first sent, and just 110 out of the 30,000 she turned over were classified but unmarked. Evidence seems to indicate that Clinton generally dealt with classified information in an appropriate manner.

      But over the course of a year, Clinton and her staff have painted a picture of an email setup where absolutely zero classified information slipped through the cracks, case closed.

      We rate this statement False.

      Editor's note: The day after we published this fact-check, Comey testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on July 7. Comey said he believes three emails on Clinton's server contained information labeled classified at the time they were sent. This information was not properly marked in that the emails did not have a classification header, even though a "(c)" immediately preceded text in the body of the emails, designating confidential information. Without the clear classification header, it's reasonable to infer that Clinton did not realize these three emails contained classified information, he said.

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