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Christopher W.

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  • Americans are always Shouting About Religion But Don't Know Much About It
    • This isn't a comment on this article, but you're the most knowledgeable person probably on this--any new developments on the kidnapped aid worker? Any idea on how terrorist threats to foreign aid workers has affected Pakistan flood aid? Just wondering. Thanks

  • Dems Reluctant to Allow Taxes on Rich to Rise
    • No Sir, In no sense and in no conceivable reality could the deficit be blamed on taxes on small businesspeople. The last deficit under Bush was something like 260 Billion. Our deficit this last year was 1.4 Trillion or so, and this year's will be just as bad. Spending is to blame for the deficit, and the wild, drunken spending over the last 20 months is mostly to blame--the 1 Trillion "stimulus" boondoggle, written by the Apollo Alliance as a sop to every available leftist entity and nonsensical project, and Federal agencies whose budgets were increased 100% and more by this regime, in expectation of being able to claim meaningless budget reductions later, which would bring their budgets back to where they were in fiscal 2008. No amount of tax increases will cover what this regime is now spending.

      No good citizen begrudges paying taxes for the legitimate use of government in the carrying out of its limited responsibilities, such as defense, public safety, education (which is a State and Local responsibility, by the way, not a Federal one), roads, etc. What tax-paying citizens do not appreciate is the wanton waste of our tax dollars, which is now occuring in this out-of-control government, and the last administration, as well. Republicans and Democrats are both to blame. Our Federal government is now well-beyond its Constitutional limits, and is about to be dramatically reined back in. The collapse-the-system strategy of the "Progressives" is their own undoing--the people who do most of the working and tax-paying will see to that.

  • Afghanistan and Paris Hilton's Purse
    • I agree; I've seen very little on most American media also, maybe a handful of stories. On the internet, The Real News Network, for example has covered it a great deal. The BBC and Deutsche Welle have done good work covering the crisis overseas. It is shameful that so many Americans are so focused on celebrity news. I hate to generalize that way, but I don't think the conclusion can be escaped. I don't know why the Pakistani crisis hasn't received the same media circuses that Haiti and Katrina/Gulf Coast and the Gulf Oil Spill got. Any ideas?

  • Salt Water, Slow Aid threaten Sindhis Displaced in Pakistan
    • Christopher W. 08/30/2010 at 8:04 pm

      I forgot to add, on the other posting, that you are doing a great job in covering the Pakistani flood crisis.

  • Another 500,000 Flee Indus Breaches
    Taliban threaten Aid Workers;
    Global Warming Implicated
    • Tom, a government powerful enough to give you everything you desire will certainly be more than powerful enough to take everything you have, from your rights to your prized possessions. The answer is not more government, because government does very little well. What government has done to warrant your trust and kindle some notion that government helps people I can't imagine. Your comparison of the Taliban to the GOP is not only juvenile and out-of-touch-with-reality, but just so sad to boot. When you have no valid point to make, you simply demean the opponent. Rules for radicals will be very bad karma for the so-called Progressives, but it will be fun to watch when the reality check comes. Do you honestly think that comparing fellow citizens to the Taliban shows you have a worthwhile argument to make? Grow up.

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