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  • Campaign Humor from the Candidates: Obama and Romney do Stand-Up
    • clarence swinney 10/19/2012 at 3:26 pm

      Mitt is promoting extnding bush tax cuts--dumb dumb
      1% get 37.6%--5% get 48.3% and bottom 60% get 16.4%

      It is a gift to the rich and all is borrowed money.
      Why do we continue to borrow to let the rich get richer?

  • Romney Binder full of Top Ten Mistakes and Falsehoods
    • clarence swinney 10/18/2012 at 1:43 pm

      Ye! I am worried that we rank #4 on Inequality in oecd.
      I am worried that 10% own 73% net wealth---83% financial wealth--get 50% individual income.
      I am worried We borrowed 15,000B since 1980 that went to help them get much richer.
      I am worried when one family has more wealth than 90% of families
      I am worried when 70,000,000 get 14% of individual income.
      I am worried when we borrowed 1100B in fiscal 2012 and taxed only only
      only 17% of out Total Income.  Why borrow when we have so much money??? Tells you why we rank behind Chile And Mexico As Least taxed in oecd nations
      Obama will end 4 years increasing spending by 8.6% to Bush 90% in 8.
      (Bush 1830 to 3510) (Obama 3510 to 3800)
      Must tax wealth much higher must must must   they have most of the $$$$

    • clarence swinney 10/17/2012 at 1:40 pm

      worst administration in history
      Bush took 1830B Budget to 5800B or 90% increase
      5800B debt to 11,900 or doubled
      237,000 jobs per month to 31,000 or lowest since Hoover
      Surplus to 1400B deficit—first time over 1000B
      Invaded two destitute—unarmed nations –alienated 1500 Million Muslims
      Allowed destruction of Housing Industry
      Allowed Casino Derivative of America to becomes world's larges gaming facility
      Violated international laws on torture
      He and 11 staffers told 935 lies to sell the people on invading Iraq..
      Why invade a country that had done nothing to us.
      It smells. Black Gold. OIL. Mitt a deja vu?

      Wants to cut taxes---35% to 28%--eliminate Estate Tax-- where one family owns as much Wealth as 90% of families—keep capital gains at 15%--where 25 Hedge Fund Managers made 22 Billion in 2010
      and paid the low 15% and less than 1% or zero in Payroll tax—offset revenue loss by closing loopholes
      Ha. Each loophole has proponents to fight for them—Increase military spending biggest waster of all—Our armies in 800 bases worldwide. We pursue bad trade agreements that allow unrestricted access to our markets. We cannot compete with $1 labor so watch our factories closing. 58,000 closed in last decade.

      We must demand better self serving policies. Tariffs on imports. High tax rate to pay down that horrid debt like 1945-1980 tax rates and tax on estates. The Middle Class has been hurt badly with loss of good paying jobs with benefits. Protect our safety nets which have served us well for over half a Century.

      Mitt is a rich mans candidate no spin can deny it. He will cut taxes for his rich pals and shred safety nets.
      This Man scares me very much. I do no trust his motives

  • US Drone Strikes on Pakistan: Counting the Bodies (Ross)
    • clarence swinney 10/16/2012 at 12:34 pm

      Republicans 1980-2009 controlled Presidency for 20 years—Senate for 18 years-House for 12 years-6 years of total control
      In those 20 years our budget went to 3500 Billion from 600 Billion under Carter.
      Of course Clinton added a little of that 2900 increase.
      The Big 3 took Carter under 1000B debt to 10,000.
      Took Clinton surplus to a 1400B deficit. First time to exceed 1000B.
      Took Carter record job creation of 218,000 per month down to 99,000 per month.
      “Initiated” our involvement in 10 foreign conflicts. In 12, Carter + Clinton=0
      The Big 3 had recession in all or part of 7 years.
      The Big 3 destroyed our wonderful Savings and Loan Industry which was instrumental in the housing boom for Middle Class 1945-1980.
      The Big Three smashed our Housing Industry. !945-1980, it took 2.5 years of average income to buy an average size home to 5.4 years.
      The Big Three allowed Wall Street to Outsource entire Industries and in past decade close 58,000 plants. I can show plenty in my home town.
      The Big Three alienated 1500 Million Muslims by invading their destitute unarmed Iraq
      of only 15 million adults. What had those 15M done to us?

  • Ahmadinejad Speech on Nuclear Energy Advances (Full Text)
    • CLARENCE SWINNEY 02/17/2012 at 9:13 am

      Since 1980 we borrowed 14,000 Billion. The Tax Book was Christmas Tree filled with goodies for the Rich and Corporations. It is a shame that they take more in Exemptions than they pay in taxes.
      That is why OECD ranks Us:
      #2 as Least Taxed--We pay 30% of GDP in fed---state--local taxes
      #2 as Least Taxed Corporations--In 2011 They paid 1.5% of GDP in taxes
      # 4 on Inequality--10% own almost 80% of our Wealth and take almost 50% of our individual income..80% get the crumbs
      1.Fed Fund election--6 months-3 primary- 3 general-free equal tv time-one debate a week=12-adequate to evaluate candidates no $$ no pacs
      2.Members of Congress and White House can accept nothing with a financial value.
      Keep them on the job not on the road
      3.Progressive Flat Tax(by group)--tax to pay our way not leave for kids to pay
      4.Burn Tax Book--gets enough added revenue to have a surplus to attack the debt

      Yes! Simple. Yes Effective.
      only bug I find is how to choose candidates.

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