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  • Israeli Soldiers Uproot Hundreds Of Olive Trees For Illegal Colonialist Road
    • Tearing out centuries old trees for a crappy road ? That's the legacy to leave centuries from now?
      Sick, sad and stupid.

  • Lieberman calls on Trump to help development of Israeli squatter settlements
    • An explosion of land seizure would be a really bad thing for an already bad situation.
      Messianic land seizures rarely end well.

  • Why the White Working Class Rebelled: Neoliberalism is Killing Them (Literally)
    • I happen to live and work in a very rural, southern state where there is at least a trace element of anger towards immigrants and refugees ( and education for that matter) so I have some insight into the views of Trump's core supporters. Most hated Hillary Clinton 25+ years ago so that was nothing new. I don't think you can reasonably place so much blame on the Clintons without including most of the Republican establishment for the last 30 years and all they have done to flush jobs out of the country without creating a new system for transition to high skilled labor ( like Germany).
      Perhaps President-elect Trump will shock us, but likely not so 2020........

    • Dr Cole, I agree with much of your analysis, but neo liberalism is hardly limited to the Clintons. While NAFTA was a big contribution to "the great sucking sound going south" Republicans were VERY supportive of shipping jobs overseas. Most of the bad mouthing of working class came from bitter conservatives that hate unions like when they parroted the lie about auto workers making 70$/hr.
      Yes, Germany. Why in the hell haven't we been pushing business to partner with education as Germany did decades ago? Win-win, although the Stephen Moore's of the world will hate any such idea, smart business that already complain about lack of skilled labor would definitely benefit and have input on vocational training.
      I didn't vote for Trump and don't have much hope he'll bring any jobs back. Likely Trump will create trade wars that will never hurt him, but I suspect the denizens of Wall Street will not be so lucky.
      Certainly we are all in a whole different situation.

  • White College Students Angry they originated in Africa
    • The Snopes story notes that the size of the class was 390 students and that something like 5 students walked out so doesn't like a big incident.
      Is this really that newsworthy?
      I don't doubt that really ugly acts of racism or violence are happening, but with all due respect this doesn't seem lIke one of them.

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