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  • Kerry signals US Intervention in Syria, but to What End?
    • What is the moral difference between a lungfull of chlorine gas and a machinegun bullet in the belly?

      What is the difference between an aerial bombardment of a city with incendiaries and high explosive and lobbing a few gas shells at a target you want cleared of enemy troops?

      The hysteria about poison gas in ww1 was simply a propaganda tool to vilify the Hun in order to justify starving Germany. It's that simple. The only problem with poison gas is that it can drift back on your own men and impede them from killing the enemy. It's a bogus issue and always has been a bogus issue.

  • Egypt's Transition Has Failed: New Age of Military Dictatorship in Wake of Massacre
  • Egypt: Elbaradei, al-Azhar, Leftist Youth Condemn Excessive Force
    • This is like asking Stalinists to integrate into the Republican Spanish government. Everything I've seen from the MB suggests that they
      Brook no opposition. Perhaps as Chomsky suggests, it is hypocritical for a westerner to point out this character in the MB, but I certainly see them as an alien and hostile opponent to be suppressed.

    • The Middle East is a religious construct. It wasn't always a myserious other. Indeed it was contiguos with the occident until very recently. A common religion, language, literature, trade.

      in antiquity the ME was the eastern end of the 'Mare Nostrum'. In late antiquity Rome was invaded by Arabs who swept in to subjugate the settled peoples of the area who were by and large Latin, Aramaic, Greek and a small population of assimilated Arabs. The final destruction of this civilized world was the work of Turks in their relentless ambition to conquer Constantinople. I know that the blog author has the same sources as I do, he also knows that this civilization was targeted by freebooting Arab warriors and swept into the trashcan of history by these warriors. How is it that this aggression can be ignored? At the other end these warriors obliterated Hindus and Buddhists, so the aggression is nothing unique to Islam and Christianity.

  • Fox to Reza Aslan: Why would a Muslim write a book about Jesus?
  • Propaganda Terms in the Media and What They Mean - Noam Chomsky
    • He's doing exactly what his cultural programming tells him to do.
      On one level it is perfectly intellectually consistent. On the other level it's the venomous spittle of a cobra directed at his own adopted countrymen. It comes as no surprise.

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