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  • Top Ten Things that don't Make Sense about NSA Surveillance, Drones and al-Qaeda
    • thank you about writing these points. I still cannot understand how the attack on BenGhazi occurred and we were told it was because of a movie! where was NSA?

  • Iraq 10 Years Later: The Bitter Days Continue because Policy didn't put People First (Al-Sheemary)
    • thank you for the links

    • I cannot agree more with the article. though I cannot agree with the comment of Saddam's "positive reform efforts" actually these reform were introduced before his ascend to power. With many Iraqis traveling and getting education abroad, those who returned pushed for reforms and improvement. My aunts finished universities before Saddam. I lived in Iraq and I remember when my educated father could not get a job since he did not belong to the Baath party. I remember how his educated friends were escaping Iraq and encouraged us to do the same. No Saddam did not improve the Iraqi's life he terrorized their life and did it even more with the help of the American sanctions.

  • Japan Nuclear Threat, Libya Oil Crisis, Highlight Need for Renewable Energy
    • it is so sad to hear about the nuclear leak and the media down playing it. let's not forget that the radiation is leaking, the area is being poisoned, and do we really have to have Chernobyl to be alarmed with the nuclear plant? it is silly how gradually and gradually we are fed the information so that our senses keep telling us that it is not so bad and it is ok. First there was one reactor then two and now we hear about a possible third. It is bad, bad, so bad. it is a disaster.
      hopefully ... there is no hope here the area will be dead for years to come!

  • Sarah Never Does Anything Wrong
    • Palin does everything to be controversial and to gain news access. She cashes in on popularity yet she is without substance. Her actions and comments are over emphasized in importance giving her more authority and power than she deserves.

      Palin symbolize american hypocrisy in every word she utters. Let's not forget about her bragging to wait until she would reach Alaska to give birth to her child though she new her water broke in another state! She was ready to put not only herself, the plane crew in danger but also could have caused the death and injury to her unborn child!!! How anyone could trust such a reckless person with decision making.

      I understand she has to feed her family, yet she is like this negative worker who makes the life of everyone miserable a "well poisoner" that during the accountability check refuses responsibility, and get ahead.

      Though I am tempted to click on the links about Palin and her controversies I am doing my best not to be drawn into her stupidity. After all she another glitter and cliche of the corporate media.

      I am calling to boycott her words.

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