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  • Rudolph: Can You Pass the Terrorism Quiz?
    • American people are misinformed by the neocon media. for most of them its with us or against us. the quiz is still irrelevant for the administration because as seen in many declassified material by the Intellegence and foreign affairs departments of America, its not a news for them at all. After the fall of capitalism next will b the grand failure of mobocracy

  • Would an Assassination of Iran's Ahmadinejad Have Really Mattered?
    • I am a sunni and it seems that i am a totally useless one. I am amazed to know "millions" of "sunni" people consider Ayatollah's as leaders of Muslim Ummah. Maybe thats why they have shiite clerics in Sunni mosques around baluchistan

  • Israeli and Lebanese Armies Trade Fire; at least 4 Dead
    • Israel is calling the bluff of Iran. Iran said they will teach Israel a lesson if they touch lebanon and Israel is telling them "Show me what you can". a calculated provocation to bring forward the NATO bombing of Iran to the earliest possible date.

  • Taliban influence Spreading in Afghanistan
    • I am a sunni and i havent heard anyone telling us that Saudi Arabia will save the entire sunni world except MEMRI & other Mossad affiliates. If it was so, Syria with 90% Sunnis are ruled by Alawite Shii who are only 5% of the population & in Yemen its another Shii group called Zaydi which rules the majority of Sunnis. Since unlce sam had a problem with Saddam hussein who was a sunni ruling almost equal number of sunnis & shiites (Kurds are Sunnis FYI) you all know now that Iraq was ruled by "minority" sunni protected by Saudi Arabia. 2 Days back saudi king was dining with the Alawite shii thug of Syria. There are no impressions to be increased per se. King Faisal was the only King killed in Saudi Arabia and he was killed after blocking oil to the west for their support of Israel. History flows through the veins of Muslim world, Nothing is forgotten.

  • Repubs Plot Israel-Iran Apocalypse and the Collapse of the US Economy
    • Giles

      As a Muslim myself, much of us doesnt give a damn abt shiites. To be honest, Iran is the only 'Muslim' country which is proven to have bought Israeli Arms & ammunition. Despite all these blah blah about Great Satan, they were the ones who opened air space for US air strikes in Afghanistan and Iraq. There is much more than which meets the eye. You should know when they talk about saudi openig airspace for Israeli strikes, the shortest route to Iran is over Iraq where US controls the airspace and in Kurdistan which shares border with Iran, Israelis are even training their Police force

    • The best soldiers GCC can boast of are actually fighting against United States in Afghanistan & Iraq. To be very honest, if any one believes that money spend on arms=Military Strength should take a real look at the state of Emirati Defence forces. They are there only for crowd control so if push comes to shove US defense umbrella is their only resort. Iranian planes may fly for couple of hours. Lack of technological prowess means after that they will start falling down either because of lack of maintenance or shot by bows and arrows. But they only need a small boat and people capable to row to sabotage any oil installation in any GCC country.

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