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  • Qaddafi Son Incites Massacre of Protesters
    • juan , any truth to rumors of riots in Saudi Arabia today ? Tadawul down more than 7 percent today after yesterday sell off of more than 5 percent. Thanks for any insight. Oil - brent and nymex spiking as well.

      link to

      link to!!/dl2/d1/L0lHSkovd0RNQUZrQUVnQSEhL1lCWncvZW4!/

  • Popular Army to March on Tripoli, as Qaddafi Massacres Protesters
    • Juan , what is the status of Sabha ? From what I've read , the airport there was one critical access point for mercenaries that have been brought into the country and the airport has been used to move Mercs and loyalists around to different cities . Also , what is the status of the officer corp of the Air Force ? Are they still loyal to Gaddafi for the most part or are the few jets / helicopters being flown by mercenaries ? Any insights you might have are appreciated as always....

  • The Gates of Hell Have Opened in Tripoli
    • As I'm sure you have read , accounts from numerous sources vary - I was not referring merely to Juan's piece , but what was the best sense of what was occurring in light of conflicting reports . And by the way , your tone was inappropriate . I'm sure you're aware information from Libya is often contradicted - in fact Gaddafi was rumored to have fled the country earlier today. If you can't reply without affecting a superior attitude , go to a yahoo board.

    • for clarification , were the jets strafing or bombing protesters in Tripoli ? Or perhaps both strafing and bombing in Tripoli. Also , have seen reports of shelling of Tripoli by their Navy - is this true ? thanks for any input .....

  • Collapse of Kabul Bank Points to Fatal Corruption of Karzai Government
    • Great article on Kabulbank ! Looking at the larger picture , Afghanistan does not have deposit insurance , so what is known regarding other private banks such as Azizi Bank , Afghan United Bank , Brak Afghanistan Bank and Bank e Mili ? With the most recent news item from the BBC website noting barbed wire and armed soldiers at Kabukbank's main branch , a 10 thousand dollar withdrawal limit , continuing long lines of customers trying to retrieve their funds - has any news surfaced of a general bank run on other private banks ? Thanks for any info in this regard .

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