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Gerald Anthro

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  • Would Obama Greenlight an Israeli Attack on Iran?
    • Note: UK doing some planning on Iran attack.
      USA doing a nation wide civil defense drill.
      Israel doing missile drill.



  • Ballen: Terrorism Can't be Taken out and Shot
  • Top Ten Myths about Afghanistan, 2010
    • 7. The US presence in Afghanistan is justified by the
      September 11 attacks. Fact: In Helmand and Qandahar Provinces, a
      poll found that 92% of male residents had never heard of 9/11. Not
      relevant. Implies that because in two provinces 92% had not heard
      of 911, there is some correlation? I don't see it. Gates told
      Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, Wikileaks? Neither part
      authoritive. 1. The US is in Afghanistan to fight al-Qaeda.Could it
      be in Afghan to fight al Qaeda in Pakistan? As I remember the
      Taliban hosted Bin Laden and al Qaeda. Little spin ?

  • Was Amiri a Double Agent who Hyped Iran's Nukes?
    • I also worry about the reverse. Claiming to be the "Country" mouse.
      Not able to do nukes yet, country bumkins, were a long way from nukes.
      All the While working towards being on the verge of nukes.

      You make a great point: "Fully nuclear-armed second-tier powers are also safe from invasion and occupation, since they already have a nuclear weapon. Israel, Pakistan, India and North Korea fall in this category. North Korea has committed a number of acts that would qualify as casus belli or a legal grounds for war, but it has never been attacked."

      Once Iran has a nuke, their is very little constraint,
      What would the world do if Iran invaded SA?
      Nokorea and the sinking of Sokorea ship,
      the world does nothing...


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