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  • Afghan Protests against Qur'an-Burning cause Deaths
    • As a muslim, this tragedy is also embarassing personally as now muslims will have to explain ourselves for these hideous actions.

      I am confused about the reporting of these events in the major media outlets though. Were the protests really in regard to the quran burning? I assumed they were in response to the pictures released by Der Spiegel and Rolling Stone of the US soldiers posing with afghan civilians slain in cold blood, not to mention the ongoing civilian casualties from errant NATO strikes.

      Here in the US i did not even know about the quran burning that happened a week ago until today. How did they already know in Afghanistan, where 90% of the population in one province doesn't even know what 9/11 is. Either way it's a terrible act, but in the other case this reaction shouldn't be much of a surprise.

  • Bachmann Harms US Economy, Security with Scurrilous Charges about Obama in India
    • Please see Rachel Maddow's segment on this story last night, it's too funny, akin to something the Daily Show would do:

      link to

      Bachmann's source of the story wasn't actually the anonymous official, but Fox, which by repeating the rumor serves as a citation of the figure, thus making it true for those who can't spend 10 seconds to do a web search.

  • Sanchez v. Stewart: El Error del Dia
    • I agree, Sanchez's frustration was misguided. I do feel sorry for him though because he clearly wasn't intending to be derogatory towards Jewish people and was so abruptly discarded by CNN like a tainted piece of meat. He was ticked off about the cancellation, the comparison to John Quinones, and that Stewart makes fun of him for the manner he talks. Are there a lot Jewish people in executive positions at media companies? Are Latinos more oppressed than Jewish people? Even if those questions he was raising were correct, they don't seem to be the reasons for losing his timeslot. I don't think his comments were antisemetic, and I wouldn't be surprised is Stewart reaches out to him and defends him on his show tonight. He's a true class act.

  • Palestinians Refuse Talks until Settlement is Frozen
    • Very true John, I'm going to start using your suggestion:

      Map of Israeli colonies in West Bank.

      link to

      Does anyone actually think they are going to give up these 'facts on the ground'? A binational state is inevitable.

  • On Paladino and Taking People Out
    • I think he meant "take out" as in "take out to dinner," to sit down and explain his story in an exclusive profile for the NYPost tabloid paper

  • Americans are always Shouting About Religion But Don't Know Much About It
    • This is what we know about Americans:

      63% thought that Saddam Hussein actively planned and participated in the 9/11 attacks
      66% of Americans don't know that Obama is Christian
      71% oppose a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero
      74% couldn't name the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (when given 4 choices)

      The money statistic:

      76% of Americans identify themselves as Christian

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