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  • Climate-Changing US Methane Emissions 2.7 Times Higher than Estimates (Chamberlain)
    • The number in the headline needs to be corrected, please, or further content added? This doesn't support a factor of five for the difference.

  • Obama's Hypocritical Message to Iran
    • Good summary. Repeated phrase "electronic curtain" - an attempt to evoke Churchill?

  • At Oscars, Director of "A Separation" Slams War Talk
    • Have not seen the film, although I've heard it highly recommended even before this news from The Academy.
      Regarding the fetal personhood commentary, although again I don't know the context since I haven't seen the film, it sounds like the law you described in the film exists in the US in most states. There are laws characterizing 'fetal homicide', because it is completely unacceptable for someone other than the mother to terminate a pregnancy without the mother's consent.
      That's different from prosecutions, actually more frequent in a number of states, holding the mother criminally accountable for miscarriage. (decent news account here link to Mothers shouldn't be criminalized for intentionally or accidentally causing miscarriages, and obviously not for uncaused miscarriages, because they (should) have the right to terminate a pregnancy. But it's not unreasonable for someone who assaults a pregnant woman to be held criminally accountable for injury to the fetus if the assault caused that also.

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