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  • Israel's Mega-Fire and Climate Change's Drying Mediterranean
    • This is the first I'm hearing about forest fires in Israel. We're having the same problem in Iran in Golestan province, now in its fourth brush fire, and a couple of other places in Iran as well. Parallels? See hello to regional climate change? Keep in mind all this is happening practically in the Winter!

  • McChrystal Drama is Sideshow;
    Can Obama define a realistic Goal?
    • On the abstract reductive side. How about just naming the whole area from Afghanistan to Levant, Spinozaistan, and calling the whole thing off.

  • Twin Oil Disasters: BP and Iraq
    Bloody Friday in Iraq Leaves 27 Dead, over 80 Wounded
    • " ...underlined how fragile the country still is,..."

      Another contributing factor to the mentioned fragility, could be Iranian interventions , up to but not limited to, tanks rolling in Iraqi Kurdestan and very busy artillery action, bombing the bejesus out of Kurdish villages, in hot pursuite of PKK!
      The sustained incursion into Iraqi Kurdestan ( still a part of Iraqi nation-sate) for the past two week, sending 'humanitarian' aid to Gaza, might be all part of a desperate attempt to displace internal crisis and problems to international arenas.

  • Limited Israeli Easing of Gaza Blockade Greeted with Dismay
    • A tit for tat or something more than that?

      Much abbreviated English translation:

      Movement of 11 US warships and a nuclear Israeli submarine, towards Persian Gulf.

      According to observers this is the most extensive naval configuration they have seen yet. Mr. Abdolah Alsanawy editor of Alaraby Alnasery? expresed strong reservations about any military action on Iran, same point was also raised by Akvan Muslmin, and Mr.Badavi president of Alvafad party.

      حرکت یازده ناو آمریکایی و یک زیر دریایی اتمی اسرائیلی به طرف خلیج فارس

      سایت حکومتی عصر ايران : 12 ناو جنگی آمریکایی و اسرائیلی برای رسیدن به خلیج فارس از کانال سوئز عبور کردند.به گزارش عصر ایران ، روزنامه القدس العربی چاپ لندن به نقل از منابع آگاه نوشت: 11 فروند شناور جنگی (ناو) آمریکا و یک یک زیردریایی اسرائیلی مجهز به موشک های هسته ای صبح دیروز جمعه کانال سوئز را به مقصد خلیج فارس ترک کرده اند.

      عبور این ناوها، با حضور چشمگیر نظامیان مصری و برقراری وضعیت ویژه در کانال سوئز همراه بود.

      پیش از این خبرهایی درباره حرکت زیردریایی اسرائیلی دولفین به طرف خلیج فارس منتشر شده بود.

      شاهدان عینی و منابع آگاه گفته اند که ناوگان آمریکایی شامل چند ناو هواپیمابر و ناوهای حامل خودروها و تجهیزات زرهی از دریای مدیترانه و کانال سوئز به طرف دریای سرخ عبور کردند. مقصد این ناوگان نیز خلیج فارس اعلام شده است. منابع رسمی عبور شناور اسرائیلی را در میان ناوهای آمریکایی تایید نکرده اند.

      شاهدان عینی و منابع آگاه گفته اند که این ناوگان آمریکایی، در طول چند سال گذشته ، "بزرگترین" بوده است.در همین حال عبدالله السناوی سردبیر نشریه العربی الناصری گفت که مصری ها این بار دست بسته نخواهند ماند تا ببینند که دولت مصر آنها را در رسوایی دیگری یعنی هماهنگی با اسرائیل و آمریکا و باز کردن کانال سوئز برای تجاوز به ایران اسلامی دخالت می دهد.

      رهبر اخوان المسلمین مصر نیز ضمن هشدار درباره حمله نظامی به ایران گفت: پذیرش چنین موضوعی از سوی جهان عرب و جهان اسلام غیرقابل قبول است و اگردولت ها در برابر اراده واشنگتن و تل آویو تسلیم شدند، ملت ها نباید ساکت باشند.

      بدوی رئیس حزب الوفد نیز با محکومیت بروز هر گونه حمله نظامی علیه ایران گفت که ملت های کشورهای عربی و اسلامی مخالفت این حمله نظامی هستند .وی همچنین ابراز نگرانی کرد که دولت های عربی و اسلامی در این باره به مانند همیشه تحت سیطره آمریکا قرار بگیرند.

      در همین حال منابع آگاه در مصر اعلام کردند که این کشور درخواست اسرائیل برای جلوگیری از عبور کشتی های کمک رسان ایران از کانال سوئز را رد کرده است. این کشتی های ایرانی قرار است کمک هایی را برای مردم غزه به این منطقه منتقل کنند

    • Meanwhile on the Persian side:

      28خرداد: مصر مانع عبور کشتيهای ايرانی از طريق کانال سوئز که عازم غزه ميباشند نخواهد شد

      به نوشته مطبوعات اسرائيلی به نقل از نشريان اينترنتی عرب زبان اسرائيل از مصر خواسته است تا جلوی عبور کشتيهای ايرانی که جهت "کمک های انسانی" از طريق کانال سوئز عازم غزه هستند را بگيرد. اما مصر به دليل مقررات بين المللی ترافيک از آبهای کانال سوئز به اين تقاضای اسرائيل جواب منفی داده است
      28th of Khordad, June 18
      Eygpt will not stop Iranian ships heading towards Gaza at Swez Canal.

      According to Israeli press citing Isralei-Arab internet sites, Israel has requested from Eygpt to prevent Iranian ships, carrying " humanitarian assistance" from passing through Swez Canal. But Eygpt, based on laws of internatioanl traffic has given a negative response to this request.

  • Russia: Missiles not Covered by UN Weapons Ban on Iran
    • It's not only about the 4th round of UN sanctions, Russians showing cold feet on
      S-300's, again, Chinese rejecting Islamic Republic's (IR) membership request in Shanghay Council, but rather amlgamation of all these developments which could lead to the observation that IR is probably at its highest pointof international isolation to date.
      International isolation plus, the streets of Tehran, and pretty much practically the entire country, occupied by security forces, yet unable to stop people's protests, especially in universities and 'escapable' areas of the cities. This is a state in deep, profound crisis.
      According to IR's own statetstics 10,000,000, that's ten million people live at "absolute poverty line" ( their words, and a bit curious why they're publishing all of this now), another 30,000,00 live under just normal poverty line. Official minnimum wage is 3 times below the poverty line. Ahmadinejad's next, current economic project is to cancel all subsidies, and give the aid in cash! this in an economy with two digits inflation, not to mention that conversion to Eruo is not going as smothly as planned.
      Green movement might have experiend its exhaustion, and reaching its limitaions, may be not.
      Street action has always had it limitation, hence not the best meduim to judge a movement, still Greens might be temporarily stuck, perhaps not.
      Thier opponents, Khamene, Ahamadinejad, Sepah,... don't exactly inspire confidence, to say the least.

  • Top Ten Differences between Mir Hosain Mousavi and Lady Gaga
    • Good stuff, just what the doctor ordered for a saturday evening. Has it been translated to Persian yet? Good professor, how about some Hadi Khorsandy?...cheers

  • Turkey, Brazil Come out against new Iran sanctions at Security Summit
    • As a matter of fact all May 1st events for the past five years in Iran have had specific demands opposing war and nuclear power, specifically stating 'nuclear energy NOT as a national propority,' in addition various students events from Tehran university to everyother part of the country similariy have expressed opposition to the nuclear program, it would take too many pages here to give a full documentation but if you could read persian you ought to check out their sites and inform you self, also the women's movement and revolutionary movement in Kurdestan have long been critics of war, and nuclear program. In the past five years contemporary Iranian social movements have indeed expereinced a resurgence, revival and a renissance, a very bloody, bloody one at that but a rebirth nonetheless.
      The sources Mr/Ms hass mentions actually includes "experts" who have participated in events organized by the intelligence ministry, and related agencies, institutuions and individuals. It would be helpful to keep in mind that all true activsts in Iran are now either incarcerrated, being tortured, or at best are under extreme harrasment and intimidation.

    • Iran has the second largest natural gas reseves in the world, not to mention all the oil wealth not to mention incredibly abundant geographical resources for all kinds of renewable sources of energy. And it's not only the "peace activists" who oppose nuclear power for Islamic Reaction, but also abor activists, student activists, women activists, ... just read their public resoultions for the past five years to get an idea what you're dealing with. As far as getting a " clue" it would help to also pay attention to the real exsiting contemporary social movements in Iran , and not becoming uninformed mouth pieces of Intelligence Ministry!

    • It's just amazing, but true, that even in this weblog ( and by the way the new format is much, much better!) which is by far one of the most informed and enlightened ones, if not THE MOST... there is not a single reference of popular protest movements in Iran. Belive it or not there is actually an active Peace movementin Iran, and we/they are opposed to both external intervention , and also internal reaction ( including development of Nuclear technology,...), notice numerous public reactions, in response to Abalahi nejad's speechs about nuclear power, pointing out to the lack of basic food staples, and social neccessities!
      Lets just say as much as Shah was successful in maintaing his rule by sheer violence, and having the largest ( and most powerful!!!) armed forces in middle east, thugs of Islamic Reaction will be successful in staying in power through resorting to nuclear option, and striking a deal with the West.
      As the old saying goes you might be able to rule by bayonets, but not on bayonets!

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