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Jay Schiavone

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  • Dylan, the American Left, and What We have Lost
    • I guess you've never listened to his Infidels album. Very reactionary stuff about how everyone is unfair to Israel and unions are greedy.

  • Gaza: 4 Dead Boys on the Beach & Israel's Precision War
    • Given the quality of intelligence and weaponry possessed by IDF, I am inclined to speculate that this ugly incident was not a tragic mistake.
      As to the influence of Israel in having Mohyeldin removed from Gaza, I believe NBC makes their decision without any consultation with any Israel representative. NBC is a corporate news outlet that traffics in status quo conventional wisdom. They would be very reluctant to promote any information that reflects poorly on the US government's main client state.

  • An Open Letter to the Left on Libya
    • Who are the liberals who suggest that "Arabia" was happier under its dictator? I am reminded of Charles Blow's column in the NY Times (Jan 15, 2011) in which he claimed,without substantiation, to know "liberals" who were secretly happy about the Tucson massacre. If you're going to make an outrageous, defamatory slur, back it up with facts.

Showing comments 3 - 1