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Jens Guld

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  • Yes, White Supremacists, some Vikings were Muslims & Thor was Brown
    • The Danes are actually Swedes and the real Danes now live in Sweden. The Jutes from the north of Jutland went to Italy where they were harshly treated by the Roman Migra. Those from Southern Jutland went to England and those from the Island Bornholm came to Normandy.
      The Icelanders are mostly Irish.
      Well mixed cocktails.

  • Authors Promoting the New Books through Op-Eds
    • Many years ago (Putin had just about got his first pair of short pants) my teachers in the Danish red brick school I went to told us why Obama's sanctions were the greatest gift Putin and Russia could possibly get. The book was written in the 1830'ties by a German who had most certainly read Alexander Hamilton.
      Those interested can get it gratis here as an ebook:
      Friedrich List: The National System of Political Economy
      link to

      You can also get it from Amazon, but that costs money and the book will only be in Amazon's MOBI format. Or you can buy a dead tree version.

      List was busy not just in Germany but also in the United States. But of course American politicians, economists and historians cannot be expected to know their own history.
      At the very least the American politicians and Wall Street people ought to have heard about Alexander Hamilton, who was a precurser, but no.

      An embargo works if the embargoed goods are necessities. Luxuries just won't do it. An embargo might have worked in Putin's first few years but later not at all. I was in Russia a few times in those days and I saw how the Russians slowly year by year worked themselves out of the mire the oligarcs and the neocons had got them into.
      The Amaricans have always thought that Russian can be bribed with luxuries. Go see the movie Ninotchka if you haven't already or the cold war remake "The Iron Petticoat". Hollywood was/is mistaken, embargoing luxuries doesn't work.

      So no, I have no book of my own to peddle, but List's book is an oldie but goodie.

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