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  • Instead of Stereotyping Trump Voters, Progressives need to Get them Back
    • Love this insight into how to think of Trump/GOP voters. We on the left have the burden to convince enough people to vote for us, and our generally dismissive tone is one of the biggest obstacles. Bill Clinton used to talk about a 'gateway' issue, meaning an issue you had to get past to get to anything else. Our constantly asserting our cultural superiority (hell, our general superiority!) closed that gateway almost all the time. Only be putting away the idea that "We Know Better" will we ever be united with our fellows...

  • Top Ten Catholic Teachings Santorum Rejects while Obsessing about Birth Control
    • The exact nature of this particular hypocrisy matters. Santorum, et al. (let's call them 'Santora') are raising holy hell not over dead soldiers, or ill workers, or impoverished people, or the condemned. The hue and cry is raised because a large institution is being forced to spend "its" own money on something. At the end of the day it's a complaint that more or less amounts to having to spend money -- much like the federal refusal to spend "its" money on abortion.

      These guys -- and, sadly, our society more broadly -- can only perceive things as commercial transactions. Other things are just not important - -things like morality, right and wrong, etc. In all those areas, people just have to accept that we can disagree. But forcing a powerful interest to spend money It doesn't want to? The horror!

  • McCain Plays Politics with Obama's Iraq Withdrawal
    • Isn't the real story here that someone in the Pentagon is continuing to leak information to Senator McCain's office? His whole foreign policy schtick has for years depended upon his access to a few coupla voices in the defense (war) establishment who feed him their gripes, sour grapes, etc.

      'Twas always thus with this clown. Why is no journalist trying to understand who is playing McCain and why?

  • Our News and their News
    • I trust you're documenting a fait accompli and not issuing a waring about a grave future, because as fellow Truth-Digger Chris Hedges has shown, our society is now in a post-collapse period, in which the forces of evil have triumphed and the forces of good are vanquished.

      Our news has been Weiner-gate and rich foreigners in trouble for 40 years already. Our political class has been worsening for 40 years now. Our schools have been disasters for 40 years now.

      At some point you gotta cry uncle and recognized you're whipped.

  • TomTom, Apple and the Security-GPS Complex
    • It's almost cute to see people grapple with the dawning realization that they have no privacy rights. The government has long been reading your email, listening to your calls, and tracking your location via cell phones and EZ passes.

      So let me be clear: whatever you think the 4th Amendment gives you in terms of privacy -- it doesn't. There is no limit to what the government can do you. Been that way for some time now...

  • "The Ship Turned into a Lake of Blood": Israeli Commandos Used Beatings, Stun Guns, Live Ammo
    • I'd be curious to know if anyone sees any plausible future scenario that does NOT involve massive, cataclysmic bloodshed, 'cause I ain't seein' it...

      My read of history is that for the most part politics don't matter one whit to most people's lives. However, when politics does intervene, it usually means war, famine, genocide, etc. I fear we are getting to one of those historical moments...

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